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Counseled John Adams and encouraged US founding fathers to not leave women out of the freedoms and privileges of the new republic

Taught mathematics and astronomy at the university level in the 1910s

First American woman to be killed in action during WWII

President of Wellesley College in the late 19th c. and ardent supporter of women's education

Suffragist who started the National Woman's Party and was willing to lose her freedom for the cause

Michigan labor activist who rallied workers and fought against capitalists so that laborers could sit at the bargaining table

First midwife in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Michigan attorney who worked for labor and women's rights

In colonial US, she dared to believe that women could take an active role in religion

Annie Smith Peck was an adventurer, teacher, author, and mountain climber who achieved new heights for women, not just by scaling summits but through her travel writing, work in the Classics, and exploration.
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