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Noted anarchist who fought for the rights of laborers and women

Fought for voting rights for African Americans and led change through the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and her Congressional testimony

First woman to be appointed to the US Cabinet--as the Secretary of Labor, no less, in a time when wage work was considered outside woman's sphere

Born Amadine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin, she was a prolific writer and advocate for women's rights

Reporter and speaker whose activism revolutionized the women's rights movement of the latter 20th c. in the US

Author whose book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" played an influential role in awakening Americans to the horrors of slavery

Important author of the 12th century who composed music and wrote on medical treatments

First woman to be nominated by a major political party for the position of President of the United States of America. Former Secretary of State, former New York Senator, and life-long activist who continually challenges gender norms in US society and…

Academic in ancient Greece who taught mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy

Suffragist who started the National Woman's Party and was willing to lose her freedom for the cause
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