Alice Freeman Palmer

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First female principal in Saginaw, MI and president of Wellesley College

When speaking about the need for women to go to college, she stated: "But there are still parents who say, 'There is no need that my daughter should teach; then why should she go to college?' I will not reply that college training is a life insurance for a girl, a pledge that she possesses the disciplined ability to earn a living for herself and others in case of need, for I prefer to insist on the importance of giving every girl, no matter what her present circumstances, a special training in some one thing by which she can render society service, not amateur but of an expert sort, and service too for which it will be willing to pay a price." (Excerpted from Palmer's address, 1897)

Today there is no reason for women to not attend college and more fields than ever are open to them. The women on this website attest to this fact, but Palmer's words still ring true. It is necessary for our self-worth that we all have an area that we can dominate with our expertise.

Why Go To College? (Address by Alice Freeman Palmer, 1897)