Sister Ardeth Platte


A noted pacifist, Sister Platte was one of the founding mothers of the Underground Railroad (a shelter for victims of domestic violence) in Saginaw, Michigan. She also served on the Saginaw City Council. Her calling led her across the nation where she has ministered about the need for social justice and peace. In 2002, she and two fellow nuns Jackie Hudson and Carol Gilbert used their blood to protest war at an unmanned missile silo in Weld County, Colorado. She was convicted and spend 41 months at Danbury Prison. The character, Sister Ingalls, in the television show Orange is the New Black is based on Sister Platte. I (Amy French) had the honor of meeting and interviewing this magnificent soul several years ago after her release from Danbury. She encouraged me to "think globally and act personally." This website is an attempt to do just that.

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