Women's Rights


Women's Rights


The women's rights collection showcases women who dared to fight for rights, civil or otherwise. Throughout world history, women have frequently been excluded from full citizenship; these women sought to make their society more equitable by fighting for civil, political, economic, legal, or social rights. The women in this collection remind us that often the fight for women's rights is a fight for civil rights. They inspire us to make a positive difference towards the goal of social equality.

Collection Items

Rosa Parks
Activist who fought to make society safer for women and to end racial segregation

Betty Friedan
Co-creator of the National Organization for Women in the US and author of noted works highlighting women's subordinate status in the US

Abigail Adams
Counseled John Adams and encouraged US founding fathers to not leave women out of the freedoms and privileges of the new republic

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Leader of the 19th century women's rights movement

Gloria Steinem
Reporter and speaker whose activism revolutionized the women's rights movement of the latter 20th c. in the US

Alice Paul
Suffragist who started the National Woman's Party and was willing to lose her freedom for the cause

Nawal el Saadawi
Egyptian physician who combats female genital mutilation

Sojourner Truth
Former slave who fought for suffrage and abolition

Susan B. Anthony
Prominent civil rights leader for women in the United States

Victoria Woodhull
Female candidate for president of the United States in the 19th c. under the "Equal Rights" party.
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