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Women's Rights


The women's rights collection showcases women who dared to fight for rights, civil or otherwise. Throughout world history, women have frequently been…

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Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences


The broad collection of "Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences" highlights those women who dared in the areas of the arts (visual and performing), the…

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The leadership and governance collection highlights those women who dared to lead or govern. These women may have led countries or industries. They…

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Reform (Social or Labor)

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The reform collection highlights those women who dared to influence labor changes to expand worker control over their conditions or who dared to…

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


The "Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics" (STEM) collection highlights those women who dared in the fields of science, medicine, technology,…

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Local (Michigan)

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Local role models provide us with people to look to as we aspire to fulfill our dreams. Sometimes, they might inspire us to achieve goals that we had…

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The "other" collection highlights the many women who are not easily defined by a single category--they may include female athletes or military…

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